What are the types of septic tanks for country houses and cottages

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Today, the pace of life is so fast that sometimes not even have time to sleep, not to mention a full-fledged outdoor recreation outside the city or in a warm country or the mountains. That is why many people are tired of the stone jungle with daily traffic jams, smog and other "benefits" of a civilization, they decide to build a country house, which is associated with a number of moments, particularly with the installation of a septic tank. You ask what it is? The question we will answer Kiselev A. N. Nicholas V. A. - the editor of the web-site septic tank technology.of the Russian Federation. By the way, here you can order .

If the construction of a private house there is no possibility to connect to a Central collector, then install the septic tank. This device, which is necessary for purification and the accumulation of sewage, which are derived directly from the house. So, when you will design the local sewage system, pay special attention to the selection of the model of the septic tank. There are different types of septic tanks, which differ in: a method of cleaning, productivity, and material fabrication.

Previously, about the organization in the country even the most basic amenities, no one thought. But today people want to live in a comfortable environment and, as a result, prefer to combine a stay in nature with the usual in the city level of amenities.

that's why today all of a country house or a summer residence, their owners are trying to build systems of sewage disposal and water supply. Moreover, in the present environment it is made quite difficult. Today, in the market available various types of septic tanks, able to satisfy all the requests.


Classification of septic tanks

Types of septic tanks are classified according to several factors.

On the way to work they are divided into:

  • septic tank with deep bioremediation;
  • cumulative septic tanks;
  • septic tanks, which are equipped with filtering system of the soil.

production material septic tanks are divided into:

  • brick
  • reinforced concrete (monolithic and prefabricated);
  • plastic
  • metal.

depending on the location and form 2-VA a variant of septic tanks:

  • vertical
  • horizontal.

By positioning of the cameras have 2-ve group septic:

  • surface;
  • sub.

Also, septic tanks can operate without connection to the power supply and to be volatile.

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