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Landing page (Landing Page) is called a promo-page for a web site, customize the visitor on cache certain action (buy, call, register, etc.). In this article we will look at intermediate landings that have a goal to send the visitor to the final Landing of any offer (proposal) and to motivate them to certain action.


what do Landing?

Sometimes make landings on some engines (Joomla, WordPress, etc.), but often in pure html. By the way, to order , please visit: Intermediate landings (more we say just the landings) have 2-ve main tasks:

  • increase conversion
  • the possibility of rapid switching of traffic flow between different offers.

Minimum quality landing page is the one that gives you the opportunity to get a conversion on the same level as the sink in direct traffic, but it allows you to work with different offers. This vyplyvet that, Landing the more quality, the higher % conversion compared to direct discharge of traffic on offer, for example, from VK. Ideally the landing page allows you to send to offer about 50-75 % of the traffic received from the VC, thus increasing the conversion of 3 - 5 times. I think of those perfect landings very little. In addition, working with a huge amount of traffic, you just need to Orient at indicators are slightly above average. Often there is never enough time for revision landing to the ideal for each individual traffic flow, so uses relatively konvertibilna templates.


How do Landing?

  • first, the landing pages make the offer. If it is, for example, about games offer, then you can create a Landing with a description of the game, which is able to attract users. Often, offer the visitor immediately gets on the registration form (specially designed or conventional). With 1st hand, it can increase conversion rates (because the main page is often kept under newcomers and existing players), but the 2nd part is a huge part of users can leave this page, because they don't understand why they need to register in the game. Therefore, in order to increase % conversion, on the interim landing page you need to convince them that the game is worthwhile. The main task is to make the % of conversions that grew, overlapped not used on the intermediate landing-users;
  • secondly, you can create a Landing under traffic and niches. Here it is necessary to proceed from the offer, you throw a lot of traffic and the nature of the traffic.

a Couple of tips from my personal experience:

  • do not post a lot of screenshot and pictures;
  • use background suitable on the subject of picture (appropriate for the theme of your traffic, any of the offer);
  • landing page should contain a couple of calls to action that you want to select
  • no need to complicate the landing page (a long description, lots of text, etc.) - all should be clear and simple so that the visitor came in, in 20 seconds, clicks and committed action.

anyway, the landing page allows you to quickly switch your traffic between the different offers and not to spend too much time at the approval of all new listings in VK, Google Adwords, Yandex Direct, etc D. Good landing pages can increase % conversion in a couple of times and make even konvertibilna 1 ushsla is non-thematic traffic.


Where to get templates for Landing?

  • do it yourself
  • to take, and it's annoying false html templates;
  • to take, and it's annoying beautiful template for WordPress or Jumla.


But purely my opinion, the best option is landing on pure html. Its main advantages are very fast loading and ease of generating new landing pages based on existing template.

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