What's new in the fifth Elder Skrolls?

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Game - this is one of the most natural and favorite browage classes. For the child, it generally is the natural and fundamental way of understanding what is happening in the outside world. For a more adult game is filled with a kind of safety valve in the duties of life. It's kind of a way of organizing leisure activities, allowing the maximum to distract from what is happening around you. It is logical that the game changed with theperson, and if twenty years ago any normal child and the adults prefer active play on the street, such as football, but today the audience flowed smoothly from the street in a comfortable and cozy home armchair, sitting in front of a computer screen. Of course, the computer game - a very ambiguous phenomenon, given the huge anchorYazan (and in some cases a real relationship) to them, but with moderate use, they are even useful.

Today we have an opportunity to plunge into the virtual world of adventure, using a myriad of computer games, which each year are becoming more realistic. They constantlybut changing and improving, create new ones, which are replacing the old. But with all this, there are always games that are worthwhile as any work of art left in the life of the community of gamers a huge footprint. Their life does not stop, each time recovering like a phoenix from the fire in the new version, the continuing saga. One stillX Games can safely assume that The Elder Scrolls (literally translated into Russian it means "Elder Scrolls"). Since the first version of the game released in the now distant 1994 (think about it, more than twenty years ago) was released 18 of its sequels (including various official version). Of particular interest is seen from the fifth numbered series - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which can be downloaded via the link.

Place the game and gaming world

As you can see from the title of the series, the scene of the development team chose one of the northern provinces of Tamriel - Skyrim. Like the previous series of games are implemented already tested and dawncated system Open-world. That is, the player can move freely in a huge playing field, without being clamped tight in the frame slot. At the same time, it can also easily choose occupation, gradually raising its level. Once the game has no clear framework, and then to talk about a certain length of time it is not necessary (ifOf course the player does not make the task as quickly as possible to pass the storyline). As stated by the developers, a similar study of the world may take 300 hours of commercials, and maybe more.

Features Skyrim

As in other versions of the Elder Skrolls in Skyrim implemented certain differencesElnya solutions, for example:

  • the ability to play as a werewolf;
  • Two-handed in the battle system;
  • presence in the game world of children;
  • The complex system of archery;
  • exception class component in the overall process of improving;
  • A new system of interaction with NPC;
  • corresponds to the level of the monsters the player;
  • the possibility of marriage;
  • the availability of a wide range of diseases and much more.

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