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Our life is a constant, never-ending process of accumulationknowledge and skills that help us adapt to the existing world, adapt to its terms, and take full advantage of all the opportunities that lie before us. Much also depends on the overall level of development, because, for example, if we compare the interests and abilities of a person 100 years ago and now, you get a whole propasbe. While the highest level of technology and science they are generating, modern man not only wants, he must know a lot (at least not to feel like an outcast and a black sheep in society).

The need for education

Do not be a genius, both ofvoryat to understand that education today is a basic, fundamental component of the development not only of each individual, but also society as a whole. The logic of such reasoning is painfully simple and interconnected: in order to take full advantage of today's world, operated with a lot of tehniki must be at least a quality basic education, on which you can play the new maps.

In turn, in order to improve all the same civilization lag and create new ones, you need to have a more precise, specialized higher education. But both the first and the second requires high levels of quality,that, unfortunately, in our time, a rarity in the majority.

The need to find a tutor

This is the sorry state of affairs in education is not the fault of someone personally, because in fact, education - is a systematic approach to knowledge transfer. Its efficacy and level equaldependent on the ability and willingness of students to grasp this knowledge, and - the ability of teaching staff to transfer this knowledge.

We are used somehow to blame all the bumps on the pupils or students, as it is named by and large the knowledge and necessary. This theory is reinforced by the generally low level under thecooking each of the next younger generation. Here, in many cases, severe punctures who then complains the most to the level of education - parents. After analyzing the ability of today's children unwittingly come to the conclusion that they are born with the makings of a much more serious from the parent, and if the parents do not give children dolzhnogfocus on developing skills, the child simply loses the capacity and desire to learn.

Of course we will not diminish in the process and blame the teachers, who often do not have proper training and are unable to build the learning process so that the audience completely and easily mastered the proposed material. Here'son this level ground and there is a need to look for a tutor - a qualified teacher party, which after hours will deal with the child, increasing the level of knowledge.

Features of the project "Free Teachers"

Tutors strife and it's pretty UnderminingBNO has been proved above. So if you really want to find a quality tutor suitable to you often have to spend a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, using the platform, you can significantly reduce the time and find a worthwhile candidate. This project is unique in its content, as Organizeyvaet effective dialogue between the candidates knowledge and their teachers. Here there is a huge database of teachers with appropriate ratings and evaluation of the work of client, that will not make the wrong choice.

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