Evacuation of people in case of fire

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Each of buildings and structures in case of fire should be to providee escape routes, which is the output of which lead nazovne and ensure the safe movement of people. Remember that the elevators are not one of the escape routes. In addition, the doors leading to the outside must be hinged and have a minimum height of 2 m. In salesrooms escape routes installed emergency lighting, and trading enterprisesand catering and must have safety signs. These paths have a certain set of basic features:

  • They must lead through the lobby, stairwell or hallway of the rooms of the first floor to the outside;
  • The outputs that lead to the outside cherithout the stairwell must have a partition with a door;
  • Outputs must move from one room to an adjacent on the same floor.

Generally, enterprises, warehouses and bases are evacuation plans and actions of employees in the event of a fire. By the way, if you need to do can be toWatch Online unfire01.ru.Dlya warning people about the dangers of the use of the internal radio broadcast network and specially mounted warning system. Typically, such a scheme should include warning tape containing a pre-recorded text messages, amplifier, speakers and devices kominikatsii original. Scheme evacuaof the people must be developed and hung in prominent places all premises other than residential, including two or more floors, where at the same time is not less than 25 people.

Remember, your safety, first of all, it depends on you and your ability to respond quickly to the mistakes of other peoples.

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