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The well-known proverb says, a representative of the stronger sex in my life   obliged to plant a tree, build a house and raise a son. If you plant a tree is not much difficulty, and instinct upbringing son is the nature of a birth, with the construction of the house there are problems. After all, to solve this problem you need to have skills and knowledge. After all, there are many methods and techniques to accomplish this goal,which complicates the question in the theory itself, not to mention the practice. For those who want the house to be considered the most appropriate technology and materials. From a particular feedstock and selected   technology depends on the appearance of your future home and its durability.

Our progressive century boastsfollowing   achievements and developments in the field of construction: permanent formwork, and transportability modular formwork technology with 3-D panels and frame construction houses. For the construction of houses using wood, clay, bricks or other modern materials. Particular emphasis and attention these days is pridelyaetsya Canadian technology. That thosenology calculated using wood, but not from whole deck, but as a « bar & raquo ;, which allows for convenience in the construction of the foundation, and simplify the skeleton of the house, which in turn allows for a plurality of floors, and a kind of grace in the final form of the house.

In modern construction is usedWhich differs from the classic version, innovative achievements of the last decades. Previously, this technology was only possible from the boards and plywood, and now have the opportunity to choose from and even ceramic tiles, fiber cement boards, gypsum boards, and many other materials.

The basic principle kanadsWho is building Frame-panel method construction of houses, as well as using SIP panels, even at times increases the characteristics of the house. This provides good thermal insulation, unique tightness, durability and reliability of all the special structural elements of the house. Also, an additional advantage of Canadian technology is CPAvnitelno high speed of construction, with the ability to simultaneously perform several works that dramatically reduces the time. This method has won its leading position in many countries for no longer than one year, which guarantees its quality.

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