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The tree is used from time immemorial chelovFROM clause in its construction activities. For a long time the tree was the basic building material used in the construction of houses and other structures of hull, as well as for furniture, household equipment and additions. In our time once more taken to pay attention to a variety of modern materials (concrete, polymers, and so on. N.) Totorye easier to prepare and use. They will build all the buildings, they are more powerful and resistant to weather and other destructive factors.

However, recently there has been persistent tendeniya to return the tree in the domestic construction. In this regard, particularly bright look home madefrom a single machine rounded timber. Despite the obvious environmental and microclimatic benefits such houses, they also have several significant disadvantages:

  • This is, firstly, the shrinkage of wood that lasts sometimes up to three years and leaves behind a crack in the uneven bars and aboutintervals of between them;
  • Second, stands out like a fire hazard buildings.

Some kompromisny option is the use of wood as a finishing material basic walls. In this case, the wood is used in the form of false-timber - planed profiletion of the board, which has a chateau (tongue and groove) connection system. By the way, if you are interested in its quality in Ukraine is in the range of 80 - 150 USD, and the company sells its "Base Forests". Tree in the form of false-timber does not suffer from shrinkage, as it would be a timber, it is resistant to moisture and decay (using special impregnation and varnishes). In addition, the ropeLm-beam creates a striking aesthetic effect, mimicking the natural timber.

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