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The development of science and technology has allowed at this stage of historyand humanity embedded in industrial and domestic needs, different in form and composition of materials. For example, if we consider the construction industry (large or small, commercial or private), elements such as walls, floors, roofs, which are traditionally made of completely different materials, can be easily replaced by one, those mosthnologichnym. So versatile decking material is implemented by the « Albatross ».

Decking - a zinc sheet steel, which is passed through a special roller profiling machines, resulting in the output is not flat and corrugated sheet (has a certain transversecross section as a combination of protrusions and recesses, which provides the necessary total hardness). To protect the sheet from weather conditions, after profiling his subjects painting specialized paint products. It also creates a certain aesthetic effect. The top layer is a protective sheet of polymeric filmfrom polyester, plastisol or PVDF. Sold by the company « Albatross » Used as a:

  • cladding material of walls (wall profiled brand PS-8 with a wave height profile of 8 mm);
  • roofing material, as an alternative to a tile or slate (so-calledyvaemy, roof decking grades PK-20, -44, -57, -75,   with the corresponding height of the wave profile);
  • material for ceilings (corrugated ceiling brand PP-20 with a wave height - 20 mm).

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