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The modern world has become a world financiers and programmers, because if even 20-30 years ago in terms of future career as a dream, the younger generation has seen doctors, firemen, astronauts, engineers, now all dreams take computers and of course money. They decide everything and this objective can not escape. If we analyze the facts that integrate areas such as the field of finances and IT technology, it is quite clear that these processes are interrelated. The fact that virtually all areas of modern life activity at different levels of functioning transferred its operations to a virtual plane, and this is impossible without the appropriate equipment and software that will ensure erfor proper operation.

When it comes to the financial sector of the economy the most global of its manifestation is the stock market. This is a virtual platform on which quoted securities (various public and private bonds, stocks, etc.) carried out their revolution. Since this market is the Virtualnym, the access to it, make the necessary operations, you will need the appropriate software (SW). In modern conditions, when the time literally means money, it is important not to miss the right moment, and this directly imposes certain necessary requirements for a functional software. Chief among them are the ability to access anlayn, high speed response, safety, comfortable and full interface. So, often provided by the company « Master Brock ».

QUIK - is designed for the Windows platform technology platform, a complete software package that serves as a base for the organization full accessto the actual stock transactions. All actions are carried out in real time (online). A characteristic feature of the complex is (and it was initially) its high speed data exchange (which, in principle, was the main part of the name of the program).

If you characterize the modern version of the program, it has grownand a full-fledged software system that provides a coherent work of all members of the stock exchange, by creating and carrying out their own operations, brokerage services to existing clients of the exchange.

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