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Every year the construction of gaininggreat momentum, increasing not only the quantity but also the quality of constructed buildings and structures. In this regard, more requirements for the elements used in the construction. In this important and responsible business there are no trifles, each item must have a sufficient margin of safety and reliability, allowing to provide for availabilityoynoe quality.

A wide range of high quality and optimal conditions for delivery offers customers the company EvroKrep. Over the years the policy of the company has gone from wholesale supply mounting hardware from manufacturers to create their own production, allowing the customer setsamb all necessary fasteners from a single vendor. There are always available and perforated anchor fasteners, metric and plastic fasteners, bolts and screws, rigging, nails. In addition, you can buy a tool for working in the garden, to perform painting and plastering, carpentry and fitting and measuring instruments. The CompanyEvroKrep offers a wide range of electrical tools, labor protection, foam and sealants, tools for working on any kind of source material. All submitted equipment, tools and accessories have a high level of quality, confirmed by appropriate documentation and a guarantee of long-term service.

For the convenience of working with clients, equipment and materials are sold wholesale and retail, the order is formed in accordance with the wishes and needs of the client. If necessary, to supply equipment and fasteners own transport, not only in Moscow and the Moscow region, but also outside it.

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