What is different from diesel gasoline - advantages and disadvantages

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Alpha Fleet ServicesAs you know, the practice of using internal combustion engines involves the use of two fundamentally different motors. Hard to go wrong, to name massive petrol engines, but without diesel engines can do is impossible.

In order to opt for a particular type of motor, you must understand the difference between a diesel engine on gasoline. And also consider whether to pour diesel oil in a petrol engine, and vice versa. Alpha Fleet Services is leading in Diesel repair Tacoma.

Advantages and disadvantages

Features of these different types of engines are significant. But not every potential car owner is ready to understand these differences from a technical point of view. For those motorists enough to know the basic characteristic advantages and disadvantages inherent in each type of motors.

The gasoline engine is different such obvious advantages:

  1. The ability to obtain high specific power - kW (hp) - with the engine unit volume. At present about 100 hp 1.
  2. The low fuel consumption. This figure can be obtained by sparing motion. For example, when driving on the highway at 5-6 transmission when the number of revolutions per minute by 2000.
  3. Sustained run at any temperature. The gasoline engine starts easily at low temperatures.
  4. Good dynamic performance of the car. The gasoline engine easily spins up to 5-6 thousand. / Min, so the car could easily accelerate.
  5. A simple design of the engine and the availability of repair and maintenance.
  6. A modern gasoline engine is more environmentally friendly in good technical condition.

At the same time we note some shortcomings petrol engines:

  1. Relatively higher fuel consumption slightly higher its value.
  2. The low torque.

These shortcomings do not allow efficient use of gasoline engines for cargo transportation, industry and agriculture.

What advantages will be allocated diesel power unit:

  1. Low fuel consumption.
  2. High performance torque. This suggests that at relatively low rated power machine is getting good traction in all modes of traffic.

However, diesel engines have the typical drawbacks:

  1. The limited use at low temperatures. After the temperature of -15 ° C using a diesel engine due to its high wear.
  2. A more complex device of the engine. The first thing to take into account the complexity and cost of maintenance fuel system - fuel pump and injectors.
  3. Due to the complexity of motor units diesel engine is ceteris performance 20-30% higher relative to its petrol competitors.

Thus, unlike gasoline, diesel demand is where you want to transport goods, work in the field or to make long journeys. Diesel engines successfully work not only in road transport, but also railway and sea and river vessels.


The main difference between petrol and diesel engine combustion process different fuel mixture in the cylinder.

The petrol engine

In the cylinder on the intake stroke injected gasoline-air mixture. Upon reaching the desired temperature, pressure, oxygen when the particles are well mixed gasoline in the combustion chamber is fed electrical impulse, which provides the ignition of combustible mixture. Compression ratio in a gasoline engine is about the proportion of 1 to 10.
The process of burning accompanied by an increase in the cylinder temperature to 2000 ° C. As a result of the high temperatures created by the working pressure allows the fuel gases push the piston, which leads to the crankshaft as a result - rotating wheels.

Diesel engine

In special cylinder diesel engine high pressure nozzle is fed the right amount of fuel and air injected dose. As a result, more than 20-fold increase in pressure is not only mixing the two components mix, but also significantly increases the temperature. The result is a spontaneous combustion of the combustible mixture and provides the motor.

This fundamental difference in the two types of engines provides motors for even sound. Work gasoline engine idling can be compared with the quiet rustling. Diesel engine while working louder, with a characteristic "torohkotinnyam", which is especially noticeable on the motor car and truck tractors. Settings cars and good noise insulation makes the job a few diesel cars quieter.

The principal differences in the engines not only lead to differences in their structures from each other, but also impose some differences to service engines. In particular, due to the different conditions of mixture formation, fuel and operating temperature conditions will vary and requirements for permissible oil lubrication system of the power unit.

Features used oils

It may be noted that the special need to fill diesel oil in the gasoline engine, no. As do the reverse replacement. It may be noted that there are universal oils that can be used for different types of engines. However, this can be either outdated, simple design of the engine. If your engine does not perform heavy work. For example, motor-plow, boats or lawn mowers do not experience large loads. But the engine that is mounted on your car or tractor will be safer to use oil, which in its performance meets the operating mode of the device.

As noted earlier, the diesel engine operates in more serious heat mode, so oil must be resistant to high temperatures. In addition, the combustion of diesel fuel produced enough carbon black, and in the present much more sulfur, which can move in oil. Thus, the oil should last much longer keep their lubricating properties and the effect of temperature, impurities should not seriously affect the properties of this component.

For comparison, the difference between diesel oil from gasoline, we can identify those additives that are sure to make up the lubricating engine components:

  1. Alkaline additives (ALKALIN) that are designed to resist formed in the process acids.
  2. antioxidant additives.
  3. Cleaning and dispersant additives that help resist fouling and appearing on various parts of the metal deposits.

Despite the large oil resistance to external influences (hence higher value) through high-temperature oil life for diesel engines hardly increased. Especially when used fuel, consumables (filters) are not of high quality.

Where to re fuel

The issue of fuel quality should be considered any driver always carefully. It is worth pondering why some American and European automotive companies significantly restrict supply in the domestic automobile salons cars with diesel engines.

It is the quality of the produced diesel fuel does not allow companies to maintain confidence that will ensure correct operation of the fuel equipment. Also mezhservisny billing interval when will be scheduled oil change probably will have to cut, given that oil will lose its important parameters. Not every car owner can do on their own.

If we consider the petrol, the petrol stations can be found for two AI-92 fuel this brand. One column will return for re fueling car petrol, which fully meets the requirements of ecological standard Euro-5, and the other - in excess of 92 m on some parameters, such as excess sulfur. But better quality gasoline and is slightly more expensive. Therefore, the decision whether to fill less fuel quality, the owner takes time for reasons of saving money at the pump.

The issue of fuel quality and correct operation of your engine and should be viewed from the position of the gas station. Information about the tolerance on the quality of gasoline, the availability of contamination can be traced to specialized publications, reviews of the owners, as well as their own observations of the behavior of the car. Very often the engine for sustainable, the behavior of the machine can be seen as very different at different gas stations gasoline or diesel fuel is different, especially after failing to run in the cold. We can recommend the owner possible use for filling only the selected gas station, and if it is impossible - the same name filling the fuel company.

Such an approach will not only optimize fuel consumption, but also have a positive impact on your gasoline or diesel engine. The service life of oil can withstand at the request of the manufacturer, and the internal cavity of the engine will not be subjected to excessive wear and contamination.
Thus, the use of diesel and gasoline engine not only involves different designs, but also various maintenance requirements engines.

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