Shawls fantasy: from top to toe


Shawls fantasy: from top to toeIt is in vain dandies and ladies underestimate this accessory. Big and small, different textures and tissue density, this crazy colors, prints and decor - scarf can be worn in winter and summer, and gathered hair and hulyhansky linking his hands at the wrist or ankle foot.
Platochnaya history

Since the time of the advent of Christianity covered head scarf was the main condition for the emergence of Orthodox women in public. Girls tied his hair, and married women - the headpiece.

Men scarf worn around the neck only - drevnekytayskaya and the Roman army enjoyed it, defending himself from the wind or in case of sore throat.

Handkerchiefs as a stylish accessory, introduced in the daily consumption of King Louis XIV. Legend has it that he saw him in uniform band of soldiers of the Croatian army, and since then the scarf gave him peace. First tested in a hat, then the king ordered to wear headscarves to everyone who has a noble way. Yes shawl has become a luxury and excellent taste.

The second half of the XX century marked a new turn hustkovoho boom. Popular accessory were made from a rare silk, linen and wool, cashmere and other materials. Today, every year designers do not skimp on new ideas for expanding the range of men's and women's scarves.
Focus on neck

Scarves can become a highlight of any outfit from ordinary business suit to the romantic style of casual. Colorful scarf brighten up the monotonous insults and emphasize the individuality of its owner.

Options for how to wear a scarf around his neck:

Women's accessory should make half corner to corner and tie a large angle on the chest, and the free end of the wrap around the neck and beautiful corners to turn the chest. This option is suitable for harsh coat or jacket office.

carf can be folded diagonally several times, wrap around the neck and tie at the "pioneer" node, straightening corners. This scarf will add a little romance spontaneous urban style. A node can be located in the middle and playful side.

If neck dress tie one end around the neck so that the jets down the other end of the large canvas, then this option can be worn with evening dress, looks especially nice with trouser fitting top and bottom.

Man scarf and tie can not at the foot of the neck, and near the end bundle. This method is suitable shorts and a plaid shirt.

Wearing a scarf you can wear jewelry instead, turning him into a tight tourniquet, evenly distributing it to knit knots and wrapped around the neck. An excellent choice for marine walk!

Accessory interesting color, folded several times diagonally able to play the role of a scarf in the cold season.

Scarf is inexpensive and undemanding in care. How many options can fill the everyday way of new content using this simple accessory!

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